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March 2016

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frozen love bubbles

winterryoneko in loveadvice

This place seems a bit dead, but I thought I would attempt anyways.

Wondering if anyone could share some insight into what it is like to be friends with an ex.
Honestly I'm just looking for good stories and even ones where you got back together.
How it was to heal and restitch the relationship.
Just looking for happy endings :)


I have an ex who I gradually started talking to again via text message, which was most of how we communicated in the past a lot of the time... we are pretty good friends now but we don't talk too often, as he now has a pretty jealous wife and is busy with 2 kids, and we pretty much never actually hang out - although we might in the future when he's less busy with kids.
one of my best friends is my first ex ever we really went through a rough time even after the fact. There was so much animosity between us. We just grew up in different environments and couldn't see eye to eye on certain things. Hell we are still like that But somehow we started getting along after we ended up talking somehow. How I don't even remember. But we laughed about the old times and keep in touch and rant to each other. He is married with a child. Surprise cause I didn't see him as the settling down type. He is like a Fairy God mother. Idk why but when he says something I listen. He gives me advice and wishes me happiness and I am so happy he has someone who takes care of him.
every ex ive stayed in contact with there has still been feelings. I guess I only have 2 exes and one current boyfriend but they were/are all very serious relationships and I think theres always a little something there. I'm never bitter about the 2 exes and I think that not having a negative mindset about the relationships is honestly why we are great around each other.