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March 2016

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3 Answers To The Question: What Do Women Want?

1.  We want to be desired.
When we know that someone loves us, wants us of all his body and soul, we feel a surge of energy and strength, which we thought we were not able to have before. Beloved person is always on the side of his woman, he is her support and strength. Then we, women feel stability, and it is an indescribable feeling.
We like when you, man call us, write , are interested in all the details and minutiae of our lived day. How important it is to have someone to whom we can turn when we feel bad and lonely.
2. The women need a friend.
The most important aspect of a romantic relationship - is, above all, a sense of necessity, but the relationship will not be real, and will never advance if people don't begin to listen to and hear each other.
3 We want to feel special.
If a man really loves his woman, he will show it to her. He'll convince this by any means: bestowing flowers, candy, chocolate, icecream,   sweets  (and not just on holidays), giving attention to, and even if the whole day he is busy, he'll find a minute of his time, and write her "I love you. "
Men can enjoy their actions, because by doing what they like, they delight their women. In the end, they will have common traditions and interests.

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