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how soon is too soon to move in together?

okay so, relationship-y question for you all!

a little history: i'm basically within spitting distance of turning 20 (march 3rd) and my boyfriend is almost 22 (march 27th). we've been together for almost three months, and i guess you could say we weren't really "friends" before we started dating. we literally started talking, liked each other immediately, got to know each other better and became exclusive a few weeks later. he's actually in the navy so he's stationed in georgia, and i live in new hampshire. uhhh if it's relevant at all, we decided to become exclusive before meeting in person because we knew we were going to hit it off when we did meet in person, and we felt like we knew each other fairly well. so he came to visit a few weeks ago and everything was absolutely perfect. i mean if our relationship was in college, it would totally be a chemistry major because we REALLY hit it off and had a lot of fun together. we spent two weeks together and it was amazing, no complaints at all. but of course, he had to go back to georgia and now we're back to long distance. it's really hard, but i think it has made our relationship a lot stronger in the short amount of time we've been dating. HOWEVER... it's really hard.

so, we've been talking about me moving in with him soon, because he has his own place. i have no doubts at all that we'll be okay whether i stay here or move there but i would just prefer to be closer. i would honestly move to georgia tomorrow if it was at all realistic. i'm currently in college so we've been talking about either this summer or january of next year, before the spring semester begins and i would go to school there. i'd also like to add that he will be visiting a few more times before the summer and i'm also going there, so me moving there won't be our second time meeting haha. if it is during the summer, we will have been together for.. 8 months. if it's in january, 14 months.

i know it's ultimately my call, but i just want to know your opinions. is 8 months too soon, especially considering our long distance situation and our ages? any similar experiences with dating someone in the military (regardless of whether it was successful or not)? thanks everyone! :)

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